Friday, March 18, 2011

ScrapBox Giveaway on Facebook!!

Ok so everyone yall all need to go check out The Original Scrapbox on Facebook!! They are doing an amazing giveaway! I know this is an amazing scrapbooking desk! I dont own one but would love to. But I know several people that have one from them!!  here are the rules that they have posted!

ScrapBox Giveaway - In Celebration of National Craft Month
“Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow” ~ Swedish Proverb

This giveaway is about SHARING!

When you share The Original ScrapBox (TOS) Facebook (FB) page ( with your friends - you are entered into the drawing! The more you share the more chances you get! The giveaway will end when TOS FB page has 10,000 "likes" (currently at 9,000).

The Original ScrapBox (TOS) is giving away one (1) of their products (eg a WorkBox or a SewingBox etc) to one (1) lucky winner!


1. You MUST live in one of the 48 Continental United States!

2. To be eligible to win you MUST complete this form completely and accurately.

3. Each person can only fill out this entry form ONCE - and once you click SUBMIT you cannot change you answer!

4. There are multiple ways to be entered into the contest and the more you SHARE the greater your chance of winning (see details below).

5. No entries will be accepted after TOS has reached 10,000 fans on their page: so do not delay in entering.

How to get entries:

1. You will receive one entry for sharing TOS FB page link on your FB wall.

2. You will receive one entry if you send a message to at least 10 friends about TOS FB page and encouraging them to join.

3. You will receive one entry if you post a blog article/link/button about TOS FB page on your blog/website.

4. You will receive one entry if you email TOS FB page link to at least 10 friends.

5. You will receive one entry if you twitter a link to TOS FB page.

You can receive TWO BONUS entries if you make a craft about The Original ScrapBox (TOS) and then submit a CLEAR photograph/image of your craft to

Note: It will be presumed that by entering this giveaway and emailing a photograph/image the craft creators give The Original ScrapBox full use of these photographs and images.


This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook.

So everyone go check it out!!

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  1. SWEEEEEET and THANK YOU for sharing the chance to maybe win! P&L, Dar